Everyone appreciates the efforts to cleanup Brodhead for the Memorial Day event.  I say everyone since may people came by to express their appreciation, especially from across the street and from the former Army Barracks – next to Brodhead, and now apartments.  

If you visited Brodhead, you would discover – a US flag hanging from a painted flag pole.

  • Andrew Lightbody sprayed weed/grass killer on North side – clean and trim
  • The City of Detroit cut the grass around the building, since we picked up all of the debris and cleared the area.  
  • Hinges on doors have been sprayed with lubricant
  • Clean North side – Ben Carson H.S. NJROTC
  • Clean South side – James M Hannan Div Sea Cadets, Chip Rhode
  • Trim bushes in front – Kathy Lightbody team and Mrs Middleton
  • Cut invasive trees – Phil Winteringham
  • Multiple clean-up projects  – Joe Zendt (former Marine) 
  • Front island around flag pole – Andrew Lightbody
  • Food and beverage – Robert Middleton and spouse, Ed Tuggle 

BLUF:  Brodhead looks amazingly different

FastSigns is preparing a banner to hang in the front to promote Memorial Day, May 25 at 10:00 AM

Members of the Detroit City Council have been invited to the May 25 Memorial Day event, some have accepted;  Councilman Scott Benson, Ombudsman Bruce Simpson.  CDR Donald Walker is a WW II Veteran and will attend.  

Take a look at  https://www.facebook.com/BrodheadArmory