Descendants Scholarships 

VVA9 Descendants of Vietnam Veterans Scholarship Fund

Descendants of Vietnam Veterans Scholarship Fund has been established in perpetuity with the Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan (CFSEM). CFSEM will administer all details of this scholarship-from application processing to the selection and award of the scholarships. The scholarship is for post-secondary students between the ages of 16 and 30 who are the natural or adopted direct lineal descendant of a qualifying Vietnam veteran.
A complete description of the scholarship is provided below for you to download.

The scholarship overview states: “Priority consideration will be given to descendants of Vietnam Veterans who are/were members of VVA Detroit Chapter #9 for a minimum of five years. A letter from the chapter president or their designee or the state or national membership chair of Vietnam Veterans of America shall be required to confirm priority status.”

Priority consideration, if approved, is granted to the veteran. Thus, the approval letter, which will be in the veteran’s name, can be copied and used by all qualifying descendants. This letter should be stored with the veteran’s DD Form 214.

An online Request for Priority Consideration form is provided below. Any Vietnam veteran, or their family member, who wishes to apply for priority consideration, should complete this form and submit it.  It will be routed to the Chapter Secretary. If the form is complete you should expect to receive a reply to your request within 2-4 weeks. Only completed forms will be processed. If the form is not complete, it will be returned to you for completion.

Completing the online form is the best and fastest approach to receiving a confirmation letter. If, however, you experience difficulty completing the online form, you can download the form in a PDF format, complete it and mail it to the Chapter Secretary. If you mail the form you should expect additional delays in receiving a response.

This confirmation letter does not need to be received prior to their descendants completing the application process. The CFSEM will subsequently request it along with a copy of the Vietnam veteran’s DD Form 214.

Anyone interested in applying for this scholarship should visit the CFSEM website.

Note that you must first complete the registration process before applying for the scholarship.


Download VVA9 Form #DS-1